WELCOME TO THE OFFICIAL WEBSITE OF PUBLIC HEALTH STUDENT FORUM at Johns Hopkins University. Founded in 1998, OUR ORGANIZATION propelled the formation of the public health studies major in 1999. we strive to support fellow majors and promote awareness oF public health issues on campus. We host various events ranging from public health awareness month to THE ONLY UNDERGRADUATE PUBLIC HEALTH CONFERENCE IN THE COUNTRY. 



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8th Annual Undergraduate Conference in Public Health

The Future of Public Health in America

Public Health Student Forum at Johns Hopkins University was pleased to see you all at the8th Annual Undergraduate Conference in Public Health featuring Dr. Joshua Sharfstein, Associate Dean at the Bloomberg School of Public Health! 

It was a pleasure to meet students who have conducted research, learn about the accomplishments of our peers, hear from distinguished speakers, and even inspire a direction you had not considered before. 

We would like to thank all of our student research presenters, visiting public health professionals, and keynote speaker Joshua Sharfstein.

Special thanks to the Johns Hopkins Public Health Studies Department, Student Activities Commission, and Alumni Association for sponsoring this event. For the schedule of events, see below. 




public health student forum

For any inquiries, please contact jhuphsf@jhu.edu. 

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